12 August 18:10 (BST)

Success comes to German divers left high and dry by pool shutdown

EDINBURGH - Eight of the 12 athletes on the German diving team were left high and dry when training for the 2018 European Championships when their pool in Berlin closed, but that did not stop them achieveing success at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh this week.

The German divers collected eight medals in total and ranked third in the medal table with one gold, two silver and five bronze medals.

It was an impressive achievement given that their preparations were severly hampered when the pool in Berlin shut down for renovations on 10 June.

"We in Berlin did not have any chance to train in the water and we had to travel elsewhere to practise," said Maria KURJO (GER), who won a silver in the mixed team and two bronze medals. "We do a lot of training on land, we dive into the foam pit from the boards and we prepare like that. Obviously, we were able to compensate quite well.

"We had problems with the renovations to our two main pools in Berlin and Leipzig so our preparations were not as good as they could have been," said head coach Lutz BUSCHKOW (GER). "We went to Dresden, Rostock and Halle to train. The athletes dealt quite well with it, they had to, but it was an additional strain for them."

The coach is pleased with his team's performance in Edinburgh, nevertheless.

"We had hoped for a lot of medals here. There are 13 events, we got eight medals - this makes us very, very proud," he said. "We are in third place in the medal table, with a significant gap before Ukraine in fourth place, and behind the Russians and Great Britain who were very strong.

"In Europe we are top three and in the world I think we are top six," BUSCHKOW said.

The divers hope that the reconstruction of their pool in Berlin will be finished by the end of the year.

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