7 August 10:31 (BST)

SW: BLUME (DEN) - 'The last two days have been emotional'

GLASGOW - Comments from Pernille BLUME (DEN) who qualified fastest from the heats of the women's 100m freestyle at Tollcross International Swimming Centre on Tuesday.

Pernille BLUME (DEN)

On whether she had set out to record such a fast heat time of 52.97 seconds:

"Not really. I felt good in the water and in control so I just thought, 'OK I am just going with the flow’, and that was it."

On her feelings after coming second in the 50m freestyle final on Saturday despite being Olympic champion in that event:

"I was disappointed. It was just a strange feeling because inside me I was happy with my time but I was also really disappointed because I came for more. So the last two days have been really an emotional ride of ups and downs, and getting clear what I wanted to do in my 100m (freestyle). It was a really good process and I think I learned from it."

On the high standard of women's sprinting around the world:

"I think we are all helping each other to get better. Sometimes you just need one to show the way and then the rest will somehow follow.

"For a long time it has been Sarah (SJOESTROEM, SWE) doing it and pushing. Now others are catching up a little bit. But there is always going to be one who has to show the way."

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