9 August 12:05 (BST)

SW: BLUME (DEN) - 'We had so much fun this morning'

GLASGOW - Comments from Pernille BLUME (DEN) after Denmark qualified first for the final of the women's 4x100m medley relay at Tollcross International Swimming Centre on Thursday.

Pernille BLUME (DEN)

On qualifying fastest for the final:

"It was really good to be in the water again and I am just so happy and grateful that I get to be here with my team.

"The girls are amazing and we just had so much fun this morning. I felt we all were a bit tired from the week but we managed to help each other and lift us as a team which was really nice."

On what happened in the individual 100m freestyle when she touched the wall rather than executing a tumble turn and did not qualify for the final:

"I am just not here right now to talk about my individual race, it is all about the relay. So I am moving forward so I guess I need to be there for my team."

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