5 August 19:35 (BST)

SW: BURDISSO (ITA) - bronze in men's 200m butterfly

GLASGOW - Comments from 16-year-old Federico BURDISSO (ITA) after he won bronze in the men's 200m butterfly at Tollcross International Swimming Centre.

Federico BURDISSO (ITA) - bronze

On his reaction to winning bronze:

"I am very lucky. It’s amazing. Because James GUY (GBR) pulled out I got to the final and I cannot believe that I have the bronze medal. It is amazing really."

On the fact he is 16 and winner Kristof MILAK (HUN) is 18:

"Kristof MILAK is very good. He is not like me, he is really good. But yes, I am coming."

On why he moved from Italy to boarding school Mount Kelly in England:

"In Italy I couldn’t study and swim at the same time because my swimming pool is 45 minutes away from my home."

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