4 August 20:06 (BST)


GLASGOW - Comments from Mehdy METELLA (FRA) after he qualified second-fastest for Sunday's final of the men's 100m freestyle at Tollcross International Swimming Centre.


On his performance in the semifinal:

"'I'm very happy with my time and being second overall. I felt great in the first 35 metres then I slowed down but went again at it underwater.

"I saw I was in the first two, so either I was going too fast or I was good. And I was actually good so that's why I didn't give it my all at first. I waited a little and then played with MIRESSI (Alessandro MIRESSI, ITA) to see what he is capable of. I don’t think he will be able to swim faster than that."

On being in such good form:

"I'm still far from my level but I'm getting there. It's a lot of mental work. I may be a lazy person but I never give up and have a strong mind."

On Sunday's final:

"I think I will try to follow MIRESSI as close as I can and then, tell him 'goodbye'."

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