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SW: PEATY (GBR) - gold 2

GLASGOW - Comments from Adam PEATY (GBR) after he lowered his own world record to 57.00 seconds to win gold in the 100m breaststroke final at Tollcross International Swimming Centre on Saturday.

Adam PEATY (GBR) - gold

On whether he is disappointed not to finish under 57 seconds:

"No, because that gives me another level of motivation.

"If I got that 56.99 I'd be like, 'Oh for God's sake'. If I'd have achieved it people would all be talking about 'Project 55'. It's a great place to be in, break the world record, just by a marginal gain, and two years out (from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games) it leaves me and Great Britain in a very good place because I know performances like that carry a team, carried (James) WILBY (GBR) down that back 50 and we are looking very, very strong on the 100 breast which is the most important thing.

"And we really can take on the world in breaststroke and if that can go into the relay even faster, who knows what can happen?"

On whether he is surprised this happened so soon after the Commonwealth Games:

"I had an interview earlier this week when I said I don't want to just win, I want to dominate. And that is not an arrogant side, that's the competitive side in me, the confident side in me.

"I know if I can get that side out of me without the anger and it's all about the race. And I know deep down I was born to race and I went out there tonight, enjoyed the crowd and let it all happen."

On what he meant by describing himself yesterday as a "changed man" following the Commonwealth Games:

"When you go four years without losing it's like anything, you get complacent even though you don't want to admit it to yourself, you do.

"That team around you tries to keep you on track. There were a few ups and downs but it's great to have that close-knit family and it's not just my performance, it's the team's performance.

"The team back home at Loughborough, Mel (coach Mel MARSHALL, GBR) obviously, my girlfriend, my family, all that spiderweb of support which I keep on going on about is the balance which puts it all together, all the puzzle that creates the big picture. And it's not just my victory tonight, it's all their victory as well."

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