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SW: PEATY (GBR) - gold in men's 4x100m medley relay

GLASGOW - Comments from Adam PEATY (GBR) after winning gold in the men's 4x100m medley relay at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre on Thursday.

Adam PEATY (GBR) - gold

On winning four gold medals in three successive European Championships:

"The triple quad. 12 long course European golds in four years. It is a very successful, very successful, Team GB. It's looking strong. Hopefully the backstroker, Nick PYLE (GBR), now he can build on that [17-year-old PYLE helped GBR to medley relay gold]. We are looking strong at the moment."

On whether winning four golds in Glasgow is reward for re-motivating himself after the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games:

"I think so. Sometimes you get too caught up in the outcome, which is why some people were saying before 'it will be world record in the heats, four gold medals, are you going to get them all?'. No I wanted to focus on the process, take each stroke as it comes, each event as it comes, each gold medal as it comes. I didn't want to get caught up in the outcomes of everything.

"It is such a massive learning curve now, which is hopefully set in for the rest of my career. Tonight, even though I was a bit slower, I got the job done. I knew I had to go out fast. I knew I had to spook him (Anton CHUPKOV, RUS), get him off his pace.

"That's what sport is about. You have to use your head, use your tactics. It is not always about producing the fastest times in the world. Sometimes it is down to the race and how you can get the best out of yourself and also try and get the worst out of the person next to you."

On whether he has been impressed by Great Britain's younger swimmers:

"Absolutely, they have been fearless. In four years time maybe they will be standing here with four gold medals as well. It proves we are not just a Generation Z as such.

"You have got the whole back-up coming for Tokyo [2020 Olympic Games] and beyond. Hopefully I can lead a good team in Tokyo with the older ones."

On having freestyle specialist Duncan SCOTT (GBR) on the last leg:

"I knew as soon as he dived in first that no-one was going to take him. No way, not on Scottish soil. He is becoming  a born racer pretty much. He is becoming who he is meant to be in the arena.

"That 200 free the other day was just proof of that, an outside stormer [SCOTT won gold in the 200m freestyle on Tuesday from lane 8]. It just proves that semifinals don't mean anything. I think learning from this meet now, going through semis, heats, the rounds, I am getting better at the emotional engagement of just cruising through. Just like the Americans do. They cruise through the heats, cruise though the semis and all in on the final. That's how they manage to have such great success all the way through."

On the pre-race routine of the British relay quartet:

"It is all that kind of masculine stuff - let's go lads, slapping each other and kicking each other. It is quite manly and I feel sorry for the people in [the call room] but it is all good. It's all a bit of fun."

On the Glasgow 2018 experiment of having several sports hosting a Europeans Championships together:

"It has felt a lot bigger. I think the media have done a great job getting it out there, but going into Tokyo [for the 2020 Olympic Games] it is all about how we can keep those profiles up at world championships, how can we keep that kind of confidence going.

"Medals do get exposure. I came here trying to trick my mind and saying 'it is not a world championships or an Olympics, it doesn't really matter for me'. But when I'm here I'm like 'come on, let's have it'. That's just me though, I am so competitive."

On his plans for after the Championships:

"I am a very spontaneous guy. I'm not one for sitting on a beach with a martini. I need to be doing something so I'll have a few beers, go to a few clubs and stuff like that. I have got to enjoy it. Before I have been a bit too strict on myself."

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