4 August 19:10 (BST)

SW: PEATY (GBR) - gold WR

GLASGOW - Comments from Adam PEATY (GBR) after he lowered his own world record  to 57.00 seconds to win gold in the 100m breaststroke at Tollcross International Swimming Centre on Saturday.

Adam PEATY (GBR) - gold

On breaking the world record but just missing out on being the first man to swim under 57 seconds:

"It’s the curse of Project 56. For me it’s all about two years time [and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games].

"It was a great race, great support from Scotland, Britain, the rest of Europe for that matter."

On what winning gold at the Glasgow 2018 European Championships means to him:

"The European championships have a very close place in my heart because it is where it all started, (where I swam) my first world record in the 50m and it’s almost a perfect environment to perform.

"After the heat swim yesterday I knew I was in good shape, obviously after the semi I was like 'oh for God’s sake'. I was back up on 58 seconds. But it shows if you have that positive mental attitude, just go through the motions."

On his strategy for the race:

"The plan for me and Mel (coach Mel MARSHALL, GBR) was to go out and make a statement and consolidate that statement. We just pretty much went for the same time and he said 'do what you do' on the last 50m in the final.

"For me it was a weird one because I wasn’t going out there to do the world record. Honestly, I got to the 50m and was like, 'it’s so easy, this is either a 28 zero or a 26.6'.

"And I came back and all the passion, the emotion, the let-down of the Commonwealth (Games) kind of fuelled me down that 50."

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