6 August 11:29 (BST)

SW: PEATY (GBR) - 'People make mistakes, we are human at the end of the day'

GLASGOW - Comments from 100m breaststroke champion Adam PEATY (GBR) following the heats of the 4x100m mixed medley relay at Tollcross International Swimming Centre.


On how he found out the time of the 100m breaststroke world record he set on Saturday had been readjusted by European governing body LEN:

"I got a call from Mel (MARSHALL, GBR, Peaty's coach) yesterday saying there’s good news and not so good news so I said the not so good news first and she said the timing was delayed. I didn't know by how much, I was like yeah whatever but she said the world record still stands. That is all that matters to me, I just managed to get under it which is a blessing in disguise for me. I haven’t broken it by that much but it means next time it becomes a little bit easier to break.

"There is no negativity around it. I don't think there will be an issue ratifying it at all. I am just keeping on about these races tonight and hopefully bring back one for a good team."

On whether he was shocked at hearing the news:

"Yes - but mistakes happen in all sports. I can't just go out there and say oh they've done it wrong and whatever because there is no benefit in being sulky about it or spreading any negativity. A sport like this definitely needs some positivity and show how it's done."

On his calm acceptance of what happened:

[Laughs] "I think it’s the way I have been brought up and the way I have been brought up with Mel. There is no point spreading negative energy around saying they have done this wrong. People make mistakes, we are human at the end of the day and I still gave 110 per cent the other night and managed to get a world record. The situation would probably have been a bit different if they took away my world record."

On whether he always planned to do the relay heats:

"If James (WILBY, GBR) and Ross MURDOCH (GBR) qualified, which they did for the 200 breaststroke final. You want a nice equal field for both of them. It's just about me standing up, trying to do an easy-ish 100m and yeah. I don't  even know my split but very easy down the last 50 so we’ll see."

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