9 August 18:04 (BST)

SW: PROUD (GBR) - gold in men's 50m freestyle

GLASGOW - Comments from Ben PROUD (GBR) after winning gold in the men's 50m freestyle at Tollcross International Swimming Centre on Thursday.

Ben PROUD (GBR) - gold

On whether he swam a perfect or imperfect race:

"Imperfect race, definitely. Looking at the competition it was a good enough swim to get my hand on the wall first, but for future reference I can’t be doing that in major championships.

"I am very happy with 21.11 last night and I guess 21.3 is fast enough to win the gold, but when I have to go against the rest of the world that’s not going to be fast enough.

"It’s good practice, it’s something to address for the future and I am going to go back and look at what mistakes I made just to make sure I can fix that."

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