6 August 13:26 (BST)

SW: PROUD (GBR) - 'I could see his shadow and it was just getting further and further away'

GLASGOW - Comments from world champion Ben PROUD (GBR) after he qualified second from the heats of the 50m butterfly at Tollcross International Swimming Centre on Monday


On his heat:

"It felt a bit strange. I went in with different thoughts. The whole thing going through my head was just be controlled - controlled off the block, controlled in the dive and then controlled through the swimming. My aim was to do 18 strokes and I think I may have done it. Normally I am doing 19 so just change my tactics because morning swim, first swim of the season get excited and try and go fast but I just want to build through the rounds and get a good race in tomorrow night."

On being disqualified from the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games:

"Realistically this year I have not had a 50 fly debut. When I went 22.8 in the morning at Commonwealths and got disqualified, it was a missed opportunity to show it was there. And I think this competition now is an opportunity to see what I have in the tank. Andriy (GOVOROV, UKR, world record holder) is 22.2 now so that is such a far step ahead but if I can chip away at my personal best I am happy with that."

On swimming next to GOVOROV in June when the Ukrainian broke the world record:

"To be in that race was quite special because as a swimming fan to get to race someone breaking a world record, it's quite exciting. As a competitor and as a person who is still learning and still developing, it is good to be next to someone going 0.7secs ahead of you and still try to keep focused. I could see his shadow and it was just getting further and further away. It was fun. I was quite happy for him, he has been chasing that for a while so I am glad he has got it."

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