8 August 19:03 (BST)

SW: RYLOV (RUS) - gold in the men's 200m backstroke

GLASGOW - Comments from Evgeny RYLOV (RUS) after he lowered his European record to 1 min 53.36 seconds to win the 200m backstroke gold at Tollcross International Swimming Centre.

Evgeny RYLOV (RUS) - gold

On whether he would like to have more rivals as he is so dominant:

"Yeah, I think so. Then it would be more competitive."

On whether he can bridge the gap to Aaron PEIRSOL's world record of 1:51.92:

"I thinkĀ I will be better, I have good arms and legs. I am faster than the world recordĀ in the first 100m but I don't have the power on the second 100."

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