9 August 11:52 (BST)

SW: SCOTT (GBR) - 'We are starting to get quality and quantity'

GLASGOW - Comments from Duncan SCOTT (GBR) after defending champions Great Britain qualified third-fastest for the final of the men's 4x100m medley relay at Tollcross International Swimming Centre on Thursday.

Duncan SCOTT (GBR)

On qualification:

"The team put in a really good performance. We have got quite a few people to come in tonight which is a really big bonus. It’s quite tough - those boys have been called upon. It is quite a difficult situation, they have had to get themselves up and ready and up for that race this morning."

On whether being able to change the swimmers in the squad for the final underlines their strength in depth:

"Definitely. In Rio (the 2016 Olympic Games) for the 4x2(00m men's freestyle relay) and the 4x1(00m men's) medley we didn’t have any changes from the heats to the final, we just went in and that is something we are starting to put into play now.

"We are starting to get strength in numbers which is obviously good because we are starting to get quality and quantity.

"It’s really good to see and really great to have. Now we have got some good individuals that are resting up this morning. It’s going to be great to have them come into the team."

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