5 August 18:55 (BST)

SW: WELLBROCK (GER) - gold in men's 1500m freestyle

GLASGOW - Comments by Florian WELLBROCK (GER) after he won gold in the men's 1500m freestyle at Tollcross International Swimming Centre in 14 minutes 36.15 seconds on Sunday.

Florian WELLBROCK (GER) – gold

On his performance in the final compared to the semifinal,

“I’m very happy and I felt really, really good in the water.

“In sport, the beauty is that everyone is responsible for himself. I didn’t hide yesterday regarding the time [he was nearly 20 seconds slower in Saturday's semifinal] because the race didn’t turn out how I expected.

“Today I didn’t focus on my times. It was much more a race swum in the head rather than with the arms.”

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