4 August 11:00 (BST)

SY: ALEXANDRI (AUT) - 'Our costumes match the playing cards like in Alice in Wonderland'

GLASGOW - Comments from Anna-Maria and Eirini-Marini ALEXANDRI (AUT) after the synchronised swimming duet free routine preliminary at Scotstoun Sports Campus on Saturday.


On their performance:

"It was good but we could do better. Because we were on first we felt a bit rushed."

On swimming with her sister:

"It's very special. You always know what to say and what each other is thinking. You are in tune."

On their music choice from Alice in Wonderland:

"We chose the music because it's like a fairy tale. Our costumes match the playing cards like what you would see in Alice in Wonderland."

Eirini-Marini ALEXANDRI (AUT)

On what they need to improve:

"More power and fire in our performance. We need to be more confident."

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