5 August 15:36 (BST)

SY: CERRUTTI (ITA) - silver, GIALLOMBARDO (ITA) - technical director

GLASGOW - Comments from Linda CERRUTTI (ITA) and Patrizia GIALLOMBARDO (technical director, ITA) at the synchronised swimming combination free routine final at Scotstoun Sports Campus on Sunday.

Linda CERRUTTI (ITA) - silver

On their first lift in the water before the routine began:

"It was a risky move to start with. You have to wait for the music to begin and that can be 30-50 seconds and you have to stay very stable as a team to get that lift."

On whether they were surprised to beat the Spanish team again:

"No, we were not surprised that we were able to fend them off. Yesterday, they were very close behind but today we were ahead."

On the difficulty of the routine:

"It was a challenging, especially the lift at the start but the hardest parts are all the underwater elements. It's a lot of up and then down, then up for a small amount of time. You are working with less breath on this routine."

Patrizia GIALLOMBARDO (ITA) - technical director

On the performance by Italy:

"It was very good, a complex routine. It was difficult - we changed the routine from Rari Nantes Savona [national team] and made changes to it for this. They did it well. I am happy with how they performed."

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