6 August 16:08 (BST)

SY: GALLI (ITA) - bronze in technical team

GLASGOW - Comments from Gemma GALLI (ITA) after taking the bronze medal in the synchronised swimming team technical final at Scotstoun Sports Campus on Monday.

Gemma GALLI (ITA) - bronze

On taking bronze:

"I am so happy, because we have closed the gap and came closer to Ukraine. But we can always improve and actually we did better in training. We have swam together for two years now. Since the 2017 world championships in Budapest, two new members are in the team for the team technical routine. They were reserves in Budapest.

"This year we created a new great team. We train together all day, all year. We are more than sisters. With my sister I would fight all day. The rhythm of the team is in sync, in and out of the pool."

On her feelings:

"I just feel a lot of adrenaline right now. I didn't eat at all because of the nerves. It's incredible, I don't believe it."

On what is next for her:

"Tomorrow there are still two events in synchronised swimming and I will watch and support my teammates. And I will also try and see more of Glasgow this afternoon or tomorrow."

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