6 August 15:05 (BST)

SY: SHUROCHKINA (RUS) - gold in technical team

GLASGOW - Comments from Mariia SHUROCHKINA (RUS) after she took gold in the team technical event at Scotstoun Sports Campus on Monday.

Mariia SHUROCHKINA (RUS) - gold

On winning the gold medal:

"We are pretty happy with the score. But it [the score] doesn't matter much, because [team coach] Tatiana POKROVSKAIA smiled. And that is amazing. She told us we were amazing. It feels like a happy new year. Because one time in a year she says: 'OK, that was very good'."

On her role as a team leader:

"I really like it. I like to be a funny leader. I am not a person that is, like, 'if you don't do it right, I will kill you'. That is not me. I am more a funny girl.

"If something goes wrong, I ask the girls to all come together and we talk about it. I will not yell at them, but they should understand that we are the best in the world. And we have to show that. I really try to motivate them, but in a good way."

On whether she feels much pressure with her role:

"Yes. Our coach Tatiana POKROVSKAIA asked me to be more tough on the girls. She told me that I can shout or say bad things to them. But I don't like to do that. It is not my style. I want to do it in a good way."

On what is up next for her after winning the gold:

"You can write this down in very big letters: vacation. It will be a dancing camp where I go to."

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