6 August 11:19 (BST)

SYN: CERRUTI (ITA) - bronze in technical solo

GLASGOW - Comments from synchronised swimmer Linda CERRUTI (ITA) after she took bronze in the technical solo event at Scotstoun Sports Campus on Monday.

On her bronze:

"I was delighted to get another medal. The solo technical routine was my seventh event in Glasgow and I now have three bronze medals and one silver. I really enjoyed the solo event because I get to express myself in that.

"I also really enjoy the team events because we have a very strong rivalry with Spain to take one of the medals. We are so closely matched every time, so we always have to deliver our best routines to stay ahead of them. There is always a very close competition for the bronze medal in particular, and that will continue in the Monday afternoon competition."

On how she felt going into Monday's competition:

"All of my elements were very good. When I woke up this morning I felt very, very tired and I was afraid about the competition. But when I started my routine, I felt a lot better and more energetic. I have been very busy in the pool, taking part in a number of events, so the fatigue can catch up with you."

On the conditions at Scotstoun:

"The swimming pool is a little bit too small and it can be difficult because in other competitions you have 33 metres and so the coverage of the pool is different. But I like the light because we can see very good underwater. Also, the chlorine is a little bit too much and it makes it a little bit painful on the eyes."

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