7 August 17:45 (BST)

TOCCI (ITA) - silver in the men's 1m springboard

EDINBURGH - Comments from diver Giovanni TOCCI (ITA) after taking the silver medal in the men's 1m springboard at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh on Tuesday. 

Giovanni TOCCI (ITA) - silver

On his strategy after falling behind in earlier rounds: 

"I had no strategy. Actually, I didn't see any dives from any diver and only at the end did I figure out where I was in the final rank. I prefer not to see anything." 

On hurting his right elbow in Monday's mixed team event:

"Today was better because of the physiotherapy and now I have to do my 3m and then on Friday I have to do my 3m synchro with Andrea CHIARABINI, so I hope my elbow is getting better.

"I did the high board 10m and I didn't react on the impact. It's nothing bad."

On struggling in Monday's training ahead of Tuesday's competition:

"I couldn't dive because of my elbow and that's the reason why I prefer to do more simple dives than difficult dives, just to feel the rhythm with the springboard and everything. It was a good strategy."

On his final two dives that put him on to the podium: 

"The last two dives are my favourite that's why I put them on the end." 

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