11 August 20:10 (BST)

TR: BEAUGRAND #2, CONINX #2, LE CORRE (FRA) - gold in triathlon mixed relay

GLASGOW - Comments from Cassandra BEAUGRAND, Dorian CONINX and Pierre LE CORRE (FRA) after winning the gold medal in the triathlon mixed relay at Strathclyde Country Park on Saturday.

Cassandre BEAUGRAND (FRA) - gold

On team-mate Dorian CONINX racing her partner Sylvain FRIDELANCE (SUI) on the final leg:

"Yes it was hard, but I am French. I am happy to win with my friends."

On adding relay gold to her individual bronze medal:

"It was a very good weekend for me. I hope we have another good race ."

Dorian CONINX (FRA) - gold

On the Swiss team, which finished in silver-medal position:

"We knew that the Swiss and Belgium were two strong teams and it was not a surprise. I knew it would be hard."

Pierre LE CORRE (FRA) - gold 

On being part of a multi-sport Championships:

"For sure, we didn't expect that much exposure and I think we need this for triathlon and we are really thankful to have all the spotlight from other sports and that brings some light for triathlon.

"I think in four years we should see another really exciting race because everyone will want to race this kind of European Championships."

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