11 August 20:00 (BST)

TR: BEAUGRAND (FRA), CONINX (FRA) - gold in triathlon mixed relay

GLASGOW - Comments from gold medallists Cassandre BEAUGRAND (FRA) and Dorian CONINX (FRA) after the triathlon mixed relay at Strathclyde Country Park on Saturday.

Cassandre BEAUGRAND (FRA) - gold

On winning her second European championships medal:

"After we had won the world championships title, we really hoped to win the European title. We made a few small mistakes. It was quite different to the world championships, but I think we played our roles well and overall it was a good race."

On sharing the podium with her boyfriend, Sylvain FRIDELANCE (SUI):

"It was ideal, and I'm very happy to share it with him."

On racing both the individual and relay events:

"It depends on how hard the course is. It was pretty tough the other day. It was hard to recover from it. It was really difficult in any case for me, for Pierre [LE CORRE], too, I think. We struggled to recover."

Dorian CONINX (FRA) - gold

On the race:

"We were really looking forward to this race. We knew it would be difficult. We tried to do the utmost not to lose places to the unknown. It was tight right to the end but we're really very happy to have succeeded."

On starting the final run level with Sylvain FRIDELANCE (SUI):

"I knew that he runs really well. I was scared right to the end. He was right there, but once I'd pulled away a bit it was sealed."

On the mixed relay at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games:

"It's a long road still to Tokyo but our goal will definitely be to win - it's always the objective. We'll continue to work on our weak points and maintain our strong points and we'll see how it goes."

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