11 August 20:27 (BST)

TR: BENSON (GBR) - 'I got called up for the team last night and drove up from Leeds this morning'

GLASGOW - Comments from Gordon BENSON (GBR) after Great Britain finished 12th in the triathlon mixed relay at Strathclyde Country Park on Saturday.


On having a late selection to the team:

"I only got called up for the team last night so it has been a bit of a whirlwind. I drove up from Leeds this morning but I'd been watching on TV all week.

"I was glad to get the call. I had been on the sofa all season so I am happy to be racing and back in the mix."

On the course:

"It's quite challenging but it's good to race on this type of terrain. It's a shame the run takes away from the atmosphere of the race. You don't get to see as much whereas the bike course is amazing and you get to pass all the spectators so many times. I'd love to race here again."

On the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games:

"Triathlon relay is getting more popular now that it's in the Olympics. I am hoping to be in that team and we are all making the push to get there."

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