10 August 18:45 (BST)

TR: BROWNLEE (GBR) - 'It's been an awful year. I'm just happy to be racing'

GLASGOW - Comments from Alistair BROWNLEE (GBR) after finishing fourth in the men's triathlon at Strathclyde Country Park on Friday.


On his expectations for the race given his recent calf injury:

"I didn't quite know what to expect today and I suppose that's about where I was. I have been training really hard so I knew I was probably going to be a bit tired going into it as well.

"If I can put all my training together I know I can do well. It's been an awful year and at times I've had to question what I'm doing. I'm just happy to be racing."

On the course:

"It's a hard course. There's not much flat - there's ups, downs, corners, slow roads - so it is quite hard to get a group moving on it."

On the race:

"I really enjoyed that race today. I got really beaten up on the first 100 metres [of the swim] and that was really tough. The performance itself is irrelevant, I'm just happy to be here competing again.

"I knew I was going to struggle today on the run, but I enjoy racing. There were a few things that are a bit rusty."

On the bike leg:

"I got the group working and I tried to split them up a bit. I did everything I could. Most of the guys wanted to ride but a few don't know how to make the group go faster and they got in the way. It's a hard course as well, there were lots of ups and downs, slow corners."

On being out of action since his June injury:

"It's been a challenge and if I didn't enjoy being here I wouldn't be doing it. I've got a lot of races over different distances coming up. I'm not sure if I want to cover the Olympic distances. We will see how the next six months are."

On his next race, the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in South Africa in early September:

"I guess I've got a lot of work to do in the next two and a half weeks but you can go a long way in two weeks so hopefully I'll turn up there a different athlete."

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