10 August 18:20 (BST)

TR: LE CORRE (FRA) #2 - gold in men's triathlon

GLASGOW - Comments from gold medallist Pierre LE CORRE (FRA) after the men's triathlon at Strathclyde Country Park on Friday.

Pierre LE CORRE (FRA) - gold

On holding off Fernando ALARZA (ESP) for gold:

"I was looking at the end and I saw him coming strong, so I was like 'I have to open the gap between me and him', just not to do a sprint. I'm pretty good at sprinting, but I was really tired after all the energy I gave."

On being part of the lead group of nine during the bike leg:

"We were trying to be as smooth as possible. Everyone was working really good [together]. That was really important to work together, otherwise it's hard to keep the advance."

On the run leg:

"I felt we were going to be fine with the first group. The first lap with Alistair [BROWNLEE, GBR] and Marten [VAN RIEL, BEL] we were not really quick. Fernando had a really strong finish."

On whether he knew BROWNLEE would struggle on the run:

"I didn't know because he's not telling us, it's kind of a secret, everyone's pulling out his weapons.

"Alistair's not in his [best] shape right now, I could see it. But he will be back and thanks for me he was not great today."

On becoming European champion:

"I feel really great. That was really tough today with Alistair BROWNLEE. I was really scared of him as he is an opponent who's really hard to beat."

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