9 August 16:05 (BST)

TR: LEARMONTH (GBR) - silver in the women's triathlon

GLASGOW - Comments from Jess LEARMONTH (GBR) after she won the silver medal in the women's triathlon at Strathclyde Country Park on Thursday.

Jess LEARMONTH (GBR) - silver

On the race:

"That was really tough. That's a hard course, definitely. I struggled at points but I'm delighted with second.

On whether she felt happy to have finished the race:

"I think that every time (I compete). Every time I leave the hotel I think, 'Next time I'm back here, I'll be finished, I'll be done'. So, yes, I was thinking that on the last lap of the run, especially up that hill. I don't know if you've seen the hill but it's pretty brutal. I pretty much was stationary going up that. But it was good, fun."

On the class of gold medallist Nicola SPIRIG (SUI):

"I was the swimmer, Nicola (SPIRIG) was the rider and BEAUGRAND (Cassandre BEAUGRAND, FRA, bronze) was the runner. I knew I'd struggle today, out front on my own. 

"Nicola is extremely strong and once I knew she  was catching I just thought I'd ease up a bit and I knew she'd want to get rid of Cassandre so I was just ready for the jump and she made a little attack. 

"Both of us didn't realise that she'd dropped. I looked round and thought, 'Oh, she's gone, so we'll crack on', so off we went.

"Yes, she was super strong. On the run I tried to hold her but she was too good so second's fine by me."

On her thoughts when she was joined by SPIRIG:

"It was definitely dread because I was thinking I'd done too much on the bike and I knew she was obviously super strong because she caught me on her own I was a bit nervous about her leaving me for dust but luckily I just dug in.

"I was struggling, even on the swim. I set off and thought, 'God, my legs are killing'. 

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