9 August 16:11 (BST)

TR: MICHEL (BEL) - 'It's a fifth place again - like last year'

GLASGOW - Comments from Claire MICHEL (BEL) after finishing fifth in the elite women's triathlon at Strathclyde Country Park on Thursday.


On finishing fifth:

"It's a fifth place again, like last year. I'm happy but a little bit angry."

On the race:

"My swim was good, but maybe too slow to get the leaders. I was not sure I could catch [Nicola] SPIRIG (SUI). I managed to be part of the big group on the bike and on the second lap of the run I started to have little cramps because it's a hilly course. I just wanted to run till the end."

On the mixed relay on Saturday:

"If I'm healthy I will enter it. But coaches will decide in which order to put us. We have a good team, we're in the mix for the podium. It will all come down to little details."

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