9 August 16:02 (BST)

TR: SPIRIG (SUI) #2 - gold in the women's triathlon

GLASGOW - Comments from gold medallist Nicola SPIRIG (SUI) after the women's triathlon at Strathclyde Country Park on Thursday.

Nicola SPIRIG (SUI) - gold

On winning her sixth European title:

"It feels amazing. I'm really happy. I had huge support from my husband, my whole family, my whole team."

"I think every medal at Europeans or worlds or Olympics is extremely special and you should just enjoy it."

On being, at 36, one of the oldest competitors:

"It's a new perspective, but I think I can profit from it."

On the race:

"There were a few key moments, I came out of the water 40 seconds down, but that wasn't a problem for me. I knew I'm probably stronger in the second part. It was a key part when I caught up with Jess [LEARMONTH, GBR] and Cassandre [BEAUGRAND, FRA], I attacked straight away."

"I had some stitches and some cramps so I had to control the second part of the run."

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