9 August 16:00 (BST)

TR: SPIRIG (SUI) - gold in the women's triathlon

GLASGOW - Comments from Nicola SPIRIG (SUI) after she won the gold medal in the women's triathlon at Strathclyde Country Park on Thursday.

Nicola SPIRIG (SUI)  - gold

On being 51 seconds behind silver medallist Jess LEARMONTH (GBR) at the end of the swim:

"I felt 50 seconds was definitely do-able. I knew that I would be stronger in the second part of the bike stage compared to the others.

"I was lucky because there was a little bit of a crash behind me, so I was by myself from the beginning. I could just concentrate on the leaders without worrying about taking turns (with other riders)."

On whether she ever thought she would be so successful in her career:

"Never. I was just taking it one step at a time. I always wanted to stop at 30, but now I'm six years past that and I'm still winning and still enjoying it a lot."

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