12 August 21:10 (BST)

AT: TSIAMIS (GRE) - bronze in men's triple jump

BERLIN - Comments from Dimitrios TSIAMIS (GRE) after winning the bronze medal with a distance of 16.78m in the triple jump at Berlin Olympic Stadium on Sunday.

Dimitrios TSIAMIS (GRE) - bronze

On trying too hard:

"The competition was going in a very strange way and the jumps were not that long. I do not know why this happened, maybe we all just wanted to jump further too much.

"The surface was perfect, but strange. You had to find your own rhythm to get into it. But it was fast and bouncy and I liked it."

On winning his first senior international silverware:

"It is my first international medal and it is something I really needed in my career. But I would be much happier if I managed to jump 17 metres, that was my main target. I also injured my left ankle in the last attempt a bit, so I have to check it."

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