7 Sep 2017

Berlin-based athletes to cheer on compatriots in Glasgow

The concept of the inaugural multi-sport European Championships is starting to take hold and several of Europe’s top athletes have revealed that although they will be in Berlin for the European Athletics Championships next summer, they will be avidly following the six other sports being staged in Glasgow.

“I find the idea of bringing all the sports together in Europe exciting and I am looking forward to being a part of it. I hope Greece will be able to win medals in many of the other sports and I have time to watch what is happening in Glasgow,” commented reigning Olympic, world and European pole vault champion Ekaterini Stefanidi.

Another winner at the IAAF World Championships London 2017 was Norway’s 400m hurdles gold medallist Karsten Warholm, who is also hoping for some time to relax prior to going to his marks and to keep track from afar of the competitions in Glasgow.

“I like golf, it’s a sport that appeals to me; and if Norwegians are doing well in the other sports, then I hope I will have the time to be watching what they are doing on television.

Image credit: European Championships Management Sàrl

“Regardless, I hope the multi-sport European Championships is a successful project and goes from strength-to-strength,” said the 21-year-old who has made an immediate and impressive impact in his first serious season hurdling.

Hungary will have medal chances in several of the sports being staged in Glasgow and the 2017 world championships 110m hurdles bronze medallist Bálazs Baji will be willing on his compatriots and gave his full backing to the 2018 European Championships.

“I am also going to enjoy watching the other sports in the Championships.

“Hungary has got some great swimmers, so I hope I have the time to watch them. Obviously, as we are in Berlin and they are in Glasgow, I will be watching them on TV but I am sure I will feel the vibes,” added Baji.