10 Oct 2017

Federations counting on Broadcasters to turn vision into reality for innovative European Championships

We hear from the representatives of the seven participating European Federations taking part in the first multisport European Championships in Glasgow and Berlin in August 2018 as they welcomed International Broadcasters to the recent World Broadcaster Meeting jointly organised by the host cities.

"The European Championships is a new multisport vision for European sports – an 11-day celebration staged every four year that will have a super-charging effect on our participating sports and our athletes.

"Our vision is simple: to create a must-watch and must-attend experience that elevates the Champions of Europe. We aspire to unite our sports, the public, athletes, nations; to be diverse in showcasing our sports and demonstrate that being a European Champion is a fantastic achievement; to inspire the next generation of champions and encourage the public to get involved in sport; and to continue the rich tradition of our sports so they have a long-lasting, positive impact on the sporting world-stage.

“Our seven major sports have joined forces based on their existing power to attract broadcast viewers which will be further enhanced by packaging them together. One of the most important benefits for our sports is that we will benefit from an enhanced offer from our Broadcast Partner, the European Broadcasting Union – a TV-friendly 10-day timetable with up to 1.3 billion television viewers, and many more viewers across multiple digital platforms.

“For the first edition in 2018 in Glasgow and Berlin – two of the most iconic sporting and cultural cities in Europe – we are working hard to promote the inaugural event. We are fully focused on achieving collective success, pushing the ground-breaking concept and educating everyone within our own communities and beyond.

“We aim to create an awareness and engagement amongst sports and main eventers across Europe – and the enormous power of free-to-air television, digital media and social media present the biggest opportunity to engage these audiences. We want everyone to share in “The Moment” – our tagline that celebrates an event that will be the defining moment for European Champions for 2018 and beyond.

“The response to the European Championships from EBU’s Members and Broadcast Partners has been fantastic. We are very pleased to see how you have bought into the vision of the inaugural event. We would like to thank you for your engagement and commitment in promoting our sports, not only during but also ahead of the first edition. In order to maximise the chances of a successful event, we require an intense and creative commitment from all broadcasters to promote the Championships in the remaining months leading up to August 2018.

“We are pleased to welcome all of you here for the Berlin-Glasgow 2018 European Championships World Broadcasters Meeting. As seen by our coming together for the European Championships, we are all committed to adapting our sports to make sure they maintain their appeal for TV viewers, spectators, media and athletes, now and in the future. The importance of first-class television production is vital to us, and the importance of our Broadcast Media Partners is integral in this. We are constantly striving to find new and exciting ways of presenting our sports on television and new ways of using modern technology and communication methods.

"Finally, we would like to give our thanks to Glasgow and Berlin for hosting the World Broadcaster Meeting and for the great effort they are putting into creating excellent working conditions for the broadcasters. We also would like to thank Host Broadcasters Eurovision Production Coordination and European Championships Management. We very much hope your discussions here are constructive and that we can count on you to showcase our innovative approach in promoting our sports in Europe and help us turn our vision into reality. The Moment” is coming …"

Signed – Svein Arne Hansen, European Athletics President, Paolo Barelli, LEN President, Georges Guelzec, UEG President, Rocco Cattaneo, Acting UEC President, Renato Bertrandi, ETU President, Ryszard Stadniuk, European Rowing Chair, Fredrik Lindgren, European Tour Head of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Mark Lichtenhein, Ladies European Tour Chairman.