28 Jun 2018

Mascots Bonnie and Berlino meet for first time

Glasgow 2018 and Berlin 2018 mascots Bonnie and Berlino met for the first time in the German capital last week ahead of the inaugural multi-sport European Championships in August.

Berlino showed Bonnie the sights in Berlin, with both hoping to also meet in Glasgow before the start of the championships.

In what is being described as the most bearish comeback of the year, the loveable Berlino has been named official mascot of the Berlin 2018 European Championships.

Berlino first wowed audiences nine years ago at the Berlin 2009 World Championships. The fuzzy mascot was such a hit with spectators that he was brought back to entertain the masses at the Internationales Stadionfest (ISTAF) and ISTAF Indoor championships a few years later.

And now Berlin 2018, Berlino’s biggest stage yet.

Berlino joins Bonnie the Seal, who will be the mascot for co-hosts Glasgow 2018, who are organising six of the seven sport of the European Championships.

Bonnie is a young, female harbour seal. She is gregarious, has bags of energy, confidence and is very agile. She is adventurous which coupled with her natural curiosity allows her to give just about anything a go!

Watch their adventure here and check out the highlights in the photo gallery.