27 Aug 2018

Quotes of the Championships

Here’s a selection of the best quotes from across the 2018 European Championships in Glasgow and Berlin.

"Luckily for us the races are separated [Friday qualifiers, Saturday finals], otherwise we would all be dead."
- Dutch BMX rider Joris Harmsen lives to fight another gruelling day after winning his motos heat at Knightswood Park.

"I'm really excited to come back to grab diving by the b****, if you like.”
- British diving hero Tom Daley gets his trunks in a twist as he talks about a return to the sport after becoming a dad.

"I remember the whole match because it was a fight the whole way. It's like being a crocodile. You take a bite and never let go. Obviously you have to be a patient crocodile."
- Golfer Astrid Vayson De Pradenne got her teeth into the match against France compatriots Justine Dreher and Manon Molle as she and team-mate Celine Herbin grabbed a half.

"I looked at the weather forecast and it said dry but I've learnt from my three days up here that you kind of ignore what it says and assume it is going to rain."
- Englishwoman Hayley Simmonds (GBR) has adjusted to the weather north of the border ahead of a wet women's cycling time trial.

"I don’t have the gills."
- French former synchronised swimmer and Olympic bronze medallist Virginie Dedieu is definitely not a fish, despite her natural ability to stay upside down in water longer than most people.

"Little bit of cereal, scrambled eggs, not a full English, I wish."
- Adam Peaty (GBR) reveals what he will be having - and what he would like to eat - for breakfast before Wednesday's 50m breaststroke final.

"I just want a big pizza. That is all I want right now."
- And Grace Reid (GBR) probably deserves one, after winning diving gold and silver at the Glasgow 2018 European Championships.

"It is very natural. My mum said that when I was a baby I used to sleep in really weird positions. Things like sleeping with my leg tucked behind my head."
- Italian synchronised swimmer Linda Cerruti explains her flexibility after taking silver in the free solo event.

"It doesn't matter much, because [team coach] Tatiana Pokrovskaia smiled. And that is amazing. It feels like a happy new year. Because one time in a year she says: 'OK, that was very good'."
- Hard task-masters are commonplace in international sport, but synchronised swimmer Mariia Shurochkina (RUS) reveals that the team's stony-faced coach could afford a rare grin after her team picked up the gold medal.

"It's a small medal that I would like to cut in little pieces to give to all those who supported us."
- Gold medallist Matthieu Androdias (FRA) is in sharing, and grateful, mood after winning the men's double sculls with partner Hugo Boucheron.

"Rowing is a terrible sport."
- Exhausted Italian rower Luca Rambaldi was also hurting after the men's quadruple sculls but soon had a gold medal dangling around his neck to ease the pain.

"We don’t usually see faces but sometimes you see a big flag and that's my mum."
- British synchronised swimmer Kate Shortman experiences a wave of support from a familiar quarter during the technical duet final.

"I put it into my mouth and it was like chocolate sauce. I was sprinting for one or two (first or second place) and I had chocolate everywhere."
- It may have been 37 degrees Celsius and nearing the end of her first 25km open water race but nothing would stand in the way of Dutch swimmer Sharon Van Rouwendaal's craving for a Nutella sandwich, her preferred top-up fuel on race days.