5 Aug 2018

Quotes of the day

What they said yesterday: word from the the athletes on day three of competition at Glasgow 2018 European Championships.

"We chose our music [from Alice in Wonderland] because it's like a fairy tale. Our costumes match the playing cards, like what you would see in Alice in Wonderland."
- Austria's Anna-Maria Alexandri and her sister Eirini-Marini, who were dressed to thrill in the synchronised swimming duet free routine preliminary at Scotstoun Sports Campus.

"We said to the French team before the race that we will make up for Croatia's World Cup final defeat by France in Russia, so we made that prediction come true."
- Croatian rower Valent Sinkovic at Strathclyde Country Park after winning the men's pair with brother Martin.

"It wasn't a question of technique. It was all in the head. It was just desire."
- French rower Helene Lefebvre explains how she and Elodie Ravera-Scaramozzino slugged it out to the line to win gold in the women's double sculls.

"Someone in the team says 'fire' when we need motivation."
- British synchronised swimmer Daniella Lloyd reveals her team's code word when they want to turn up the heat.

"You think you're fine, then it comes to the last 10 laps and you're like, holy s***, my legs are dying here."
- Ireland track cyclist Felix English after finishing 12th in the men's scratch race.

"Rowing is a terrible sport."
- Exhausted Italian rower Luca Rambaldi after the men's quadruple sculls but he changed his mind when he later picked up a gold medal.