27 Aug 2018

Social Media tells story of inaugural European Championships

Athletes, spectators, sports fans, individuals and families from across Europe joined in the conversation on social media around the European Championships with 776 million impressions using the official hashtags on social media during the inaugural multi-sport event.

The European Championships channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were bursting with content showing competition highlights, medal moments and people’s own experiences from watching the sporting action, visiting the Festival 2018 sites and taking part in the cultural activities.

James Mulligan, Head of Communications & PR for European Championships Management, said: “The social media numbers we have seen for the multi-sport European Championships so far are fantastic. We reached 776 million impressions on social media by the end of the final day across social for any content including the official hashtags, whether produced by the Federations, host cities, media, broadcasters, fans or athletes. That figure will be significantly higher when we include all social media content related to the event

“The stakeholders worked together on different innovations, such as pushing various types of content directly to athletes’ social feeds across all the sports, and the athletes really engaged with us on this to boost numbers.

“We are collating the website statistics across all our stakeholder channels and the numbers are looking good. And, of course, we’ve seen massive broadcast figures, so it will be interesting to see what the live streaming figures have been.

“We’re pleased with what has been achieved for a ‘new’ event. The Berlin and Glasgow channels successfully excited spectators and wider audiences beyond their expectations, the central European Championships channels told the official sports story across all seven sports and will serve as legacy channels for the future, while the Federation channels told their own sport’s stories.”

The official hashtags were #Glasgow2018, #TheMoment, #Berlin2018 and #EC2018.